Live Girls! is Going Mobile

“Never be afraid to sit awhile and think.” Lorraine Hansberry

In 2010 Live Girls! begins it’s second decade of producing new work by women in Seattle.  Last fall we made a big decision.  We didn’t want our company to continue exactly as it was, simply because we could.  So after spending half of our life as a company nestling into our cozy little basement in Ballard we decided to push ourselves out of our own nest.    Instead of renewing our lease we walked away from our venue and this winter we gave ourself some time to “sit awhile and think”.

We took time to dig into what our mission means to all of us.
We took time to debate what was essential to furthering that mission.
We took time to discuss all the ideas that had been indefinitely back burnered because the work of running a space took precedent.
We took time to lay the groundwork for heading out and taking what Live Girls! does into new places.
We took time to dream about what Live Girls! could be if there were no limitations.
As a company we decided what we were most excited to pour our energy into and started figuring out what it would take to make those things happen.
And now we are on the move.

“I begin to perceive that I am a woman. What that is, heaven knows… the philosophy is yet to be written, there is a world to be explored.” Pam Gems

Live Girls! believes that writers define the conversation that is theater. When women are left out of that conversation there are entire worlds left unexplored. Wherever we go you will be able to tell it is a Live Girls! project not by simply seeing women in the stories,  a Live Girls! show is one where women define the terms of the conversation.

So what can you expect to see as Live Girls! “goes mobile” this year? A renewed investment in developing new work and strengthening relationships with our writers, a commitment to outreach including education programming and advocacy for women in theater,  and an even greater emphasis on quality of experience over quantity for both our artists and our audience.

We will be popping up all over the city this year as we match our dream projects to the perfect producing partner.  Some shows will benefit from the chance to blossom in larger more technically outfitted venues, and others will be allowed the opportunity to germinate in smaller intimate environments.   There will be new programs, new venues and new partnerships, but they will all be defined by the same consistent dedication to making a place for women’s stories to be told that makes Live Girls! such an important part of our community.