Tonight we started choreographing the transitions for the show. Good transitions are the key to any good show. You don’t want your audience falling asleep while furniture gets strategically moved around stage. The actors must know exactly what they are doing for everything to go smoothly. Sometimes the creation of transitions can be a tedious process. More than once I have been the victim of an angry cast member, or director insisting that the refrigerator needs to be moved a quarter of an inch to the right. However tonight was the night for the creation of transitions and let me tell you, I never thought I could have such a good time crafting those cursed concoctions of movement.

Now folks, these are not just any old transitions, but something that I would like to call DANCISIONS (copyright pending). If you thought Quickies would be the kind of show with actors strolling on stage in the dark with chairs in their hands you were wrong, DEAD wrong. These transition will flow so artfully and beautifully into each play that before you even have time to notice the set will be completely changed and the next scene will have begun.