What a show!

It has been so much fun rehearsing two of the plays included in the current Quickies line-up. I knew from the first read through that this was going to be a show I would be proud to be part of, and tonight’s run through, rough though it was, confirmed that. It is splendid to be acting again, and to play two such different characters as Viv and Gloria, to explore the subtle levels of The Hole Story and Perfect. I’m impressed with my fellow actors, and my only complaint about the process was that all the plays had to rehearse separately so that we couldn’t come together as a company and get to know one another until now. I actually remember Daniel Christensen from a performance he gave almost 10 years ago during the last Seattle Fringe Festival. (What a loss that the SFF is no longer.) I owe a big thanks to Meghan Arnette, who encouraged me to audition when I was thinking I wouldn’t. So here it is: Big thanks, Meghan.