Live Blogging Tech

I’ve always thought it was neat how you could follow along with 14/48 goings on, like, as they were happening. Really makes you feel like a part of what’s happening behind the scenes, and behind the scenes there are often funny and awesome things. Something funny just happened in tech – which made me think we need a tech live blog, so here you go:

– Listening to epic Earth Space Battle sounds while teenagers are talking on stage is strange, but not as jarring as you’d think
– Transitions are pretty!!
– How did production teams communicate with each other during shows before Facebook?
– Daniel Christiensen gets hit on the head and keeps on robot dancing! Costumer Jen Moon notes what a freakin’ pro he is (he is, it’s true).
– OOH!! Ha! Foam is bouncy, my friends! This is what Babs and Jenni learned tonight!
– Lighting Designer Peter Frost does awesome work! Look at those changing, sparkly lights!!
– You can never have too many leap frogs during Quickies
– You can also never have too much sparkly suspenders. Costumer Jen Moon is fantastic!
– What does Jesus in Jelly mean!? Is it referring to some kind of jello mold? Fancy soap with a little plastic Jesus inside? I just don’t understand!
– Best Ad-lib Ever goes to Jordi Montes; Award for making up their own awesome lines goes to: The Entire Closet Cast.
– Little purple characters miming Gay Club Anthems might be the best thing ever.
– You know a play is funny when you can hear the stage managers laughing in the booth

And now I have work to do – like programs and whatnot. So you’ll just have to wait for the live blog of ACT 2 tomorrow.