Nearly live from “Quickies 12” tech

Things that the Quickies 12 crew are doing at TOJ at this very moment include:

1) Helping to acclimate the ASL interpreters
2) Fitting a grown man with a diaper
3) Filling a Teletubbie’s purse with goodies
4) Putting the finishing touches on a human-sized Game of Life board
5) Padding a hole (we’ll leave that one to your imagination)

Ahh, Quickies tech. Truly a different kind of beast.
I’m thrilled to be directing in my third Quickies festival and it’s always at this point in the process where
I realize what a unique experience it is.

For weeks, we take our casts of 2 or 3 or 4 people to rehearsal spaces all over Seattle, do the table-work, talk to the playwrights-everything that goes into crafting a world-premiere 10 minute play. It’s easy to forget what a large, motley crew when we all once we get back together. And then comes the moment when we all 27 are back in the room at the same time.

It’s a bit of a scene.
As a director, it’s a treat and a challenge, simultaneously.

It’s challenging because the lighting designer, costume designer, and our awesome stage managers have 7 show’s worth of directors and actors clamoring for their attention. That door you need for your show? It also has to work for shows 1, 2 and 4. Those chairs you need for your living room set? Would you be okay with something that would work for the more surreal set in Act II? No prima donnas allowed in Quickies tech.

Luckily the treats outweigh the… tricks?… by a ton.
For one, when you’re not watching your own show, you get to sit back and watch the brilliant work of the rest of the Quickies cast and directors. Getting to see how the shows have taken shape in the 5 weeks we’ve been apart is truly amazing. They get funnier, sadder, and truer as each night goes by.
Another bonus to having 7 directors in one room for all of tech? You have 7 different people to ask if that beat at the end of the show is working, or to get advice on what to pad the hole with. (Now you’re really wondering about that padded hole, aren’t you?)

By the end of Quickies tech, it always feels like I’ve been at some crazy artistic summer camp. Except at this camp, you get to have a well-deserved martini on at the final dance on the last day…