Tulika Kumar

Author of The Banyan Tree Trilogy, [Cupcake Reading Series, October 2011]

Tulika Kumar studied Computer Engineering at the University of Washington and worked in the software world for some years before deciding a year or so ago to try writing stuff. The Banyan Tree Trilogy is one of the literary projects she worked on this past year and she is thrilled that Live Girls! Theater has selected it for the Cupcake Reading Series. Though not having much background in writing or theater, Tulika has always enjoyed watching plays and is a drama nerd at heart. She LOVED working on the Trilogy, and hopes these plays are the first of many!


Where did the idea for The Banyan Tree Trilogy come from?
The really short version of this story is that last fall Agastya Kohli of Pratidhwani asked me if I wanted to write a one act play for his consideration and writing one led to writing three because I had so much fun with it. Plus, it was like free therapy for getting out some of my Indian-American angst! I say that in jest…mostly.

What is your favorite moment in the play?
One moment I’m fond of is when Anupama refuses Niyati’s money in The Palm Reader.

Who is your current playwright talent crush?
Martin McDonagh. I have a special place in my heart for dark comedies and he does them so fantastically well.

What advice would you give to aspiring playwrights?
Fall in love with the characters you create.

What kind of theater do you love?
Theater that evokes in me the beauty of being human.

What are you currently working on?
A full length play.

Outside of theater, what are you really into right now?
A few things I’m into at the moment: Chakras, tomatoes from my garden, making soups from scratch, yoga.

Do you have a favorite and least favorite word?
In the terse style of a stereotypical software person my answer to this is simply…No 🙂

Is there a question you would like to see posed to playwrights featured in future spotlights?
What’s a play you love and why?

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