Seattle Relationship Status: Jennifer Pratt

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Emerald City has been described as playwright S.P. Miskowski’s love note/break-up letter to Seattle. From traditional Ballard to wacky Fremont, Seattle is a place that inspires passionate responses in all who visit. We asked the cast and crew of Emerald Cityfive questions about their ‘love-affair’ with Seattle.

Jennifer Pratt as Scarlett, Gretchen Douma as Dot. Photo by Omar Willey.

Jennifer Pratt, who plays Scarlett, shares her Seattle story:

What is your current Seattle relationship status?

A.  Married
B.  In a Relationship
C.  Friends
D.  It’s Complicated
E.   Divorced

How did you meet Seattle?

When I was a kid we lived in Tacoma.  My mom would take us to Seattle to the Paramount or Fifth Ave to see musicals.  I saw David Cassidy in Little Johnny Jones and Yul Brynner in The King & I.

I thought Seattle was very sinister looking.  The “Box the space needle came in” was a giant BLACK GLASS BUILDING.  Steam came out from manhole covers.  The huge ugly noisy viaduct. I remember my mom telling me about the underground tour so I also had this idea in my head that there was a whole other underground city where people lived and that maybe they climbed up and down from the steaming manhole covers to get in and out. So yeah, Seattle when I was a kid = Nightmare City.

What very Seattle things do you most love to share?

The Fremont Troll. The Ballard Locks (well really just Ballard). Pike Place Market. Pike St Fish Fry. I love sending my family Mountain Bars, smoked salmon and Almond Roca during the holidays.

What very Seattle things could (or did) push you to break up with the city?

February.  Sometimes, February just is so bleak and gray that I can’t even hardly function. I’ve thought about leaving because the schools suck and because it sort of feels like it’s getting too big. We’ve thought about Portland and even SoCal but we always.

Describe Seattle in three words:

Cowboy Meets Octopus