Seattle Relationship Status: Robin Macartney

Emerald City opens March 9th at West of Lenin. For more from the cast & crew visit the Emerald City Blog.

Emerald City has been described as playwright S.P. Miskowski’s love note/break-up letter to Seattle. From traditional Ballard to wacky Fremont, Seattle is a place that inspires passionate responses in all who visit. We asked the cast and crew of Emerald Cityfive questions about their ‘love-affair’ with Seattle.

Prop designer Robin Macartney models a potential prop.

Prop Designer Robin Macartney shares her Seattle story:

What is your current Seattle relationship status?

A.  Married
B.  In a Relationship
C.  Friends
D.  It’s Complicated
E.   Divorced

How did you meet Seattle?

Through my grandparents, who lived in West Seattle for 20 years.

What very Seattle things do you most love to share?

The West side is the Best side! I love the more nature-y Northwest aspects of Seattle so I take people to the waterfront and to Alki a lot. I also like to get to know the more out of the way neighborhoods (even if I’m still learning all of them).

What very Seattle things could (or did) push you to break up with the city?

The Viaduct, Ballardites, Georgetown hipsters.

Describe Seattle in three words:

Big, weird, artistic.