Seattle relationship status: Megan Ahiers

Emerald City opens March 9th at West of Lenin. For more from the cast & crew visit the Emerald City Blog.

Emerald City has been described as playwright S.P. Miskowski’s love note/break-up letter to Seattle. From traditional Ballard to wacky Fremont, Seattle is a place that inspires passionate responses in all who visit. We asked the cast and crew of Emerald City five questions about their ‘love-affair’ with Seattle.

Megan Ahiers as Lillian, Morgan Rowe as Tina. Photo by Omar Willey.

Megan Ahiers, who plays Lillian, shares her Seattle story:

What is your current Seattle relationship status?

A.  Married
B.  In a Relationship
C.  Friends
D.  It’s Complicated
E.   Divorced

How did you meet Seattle?

I went to college in Tacoma and visited Seattle many times.  Once I graduated, I moved to Seattle.

What very Seattle things do you most love to share?

I love coffee.  I love farmer’s markets.  I love the water.

What very Seattle things could (or did) push you to break up with the city?

Passive-aggressiveness.  And the weather, sometimes.

Describe Seattle in three words:

Wet.  Green.  Home.