Fun Size!

Ashley Flannegan Russell appears in 29 Births and Changes

Short plays, short stories, short bus – I think it’s time to retire the “short” moniker and embrace something new. I give you FUN SIZE. That’s right. Just like the childhood days of yore when normal size and king size candy bars were replaced by tiny, bite size nuggets of melt in your mouth chocolate wrapped around chewy nougat and salty nuts. We’ve got a whole cast of salty nuts delivered to you in flavors to delight every possible taste. Sometimes, “King Size” is just too much to handle. Let Tom Stoppard and his Coast of Utopia rule the “King Size” roost in epic, nine hour style. Let those stalwarts of the theatre, Shakespeare, Miller, Odets, Willams and Inge bask in their solidly, middle of the road, “Normal Size” theatre offerings. Today, I offer up a brand new kind of play, proudly created and bravely performed by the confectioners of Live Girls! Theater – Quickies 13 – seven FUN SIZE plays for your pleasure and delight. They are certain to leave a lasting taste in your mouth, and hopefully, in your mind too…


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