Overheard at Quickies

Every rehearsal process has its share of “that’s what she said” moments, but not every cast and crew takes the time to write them down for later! Check back often to see what new wonders we’ve saved for you as we work to make Quickies the most fabulous evening of 7 plays you’ve seen!!


Will the fingers be stiffer?
This is a romantic comedy, not Chekov

OK, let’s take it again from ‘dickless wonder’.

I was trying very hard to not touch myself.

I’ve specifically requested nipples that I can point with.

It takes a minute to get going, and when you’re finished it drips a little.

Well, Frosty is a narcissist.

Actor 1: That goes in her mouth?
Director: Yeah.

Actor 2: Oh yeah. That will fit in my mouth.
Director: We may need a wood one.
Actor1: Are you going to need to hold your hand there the whole time?
Actor 2: No it’s ok, I just can’t suck it!
Director: The look that has to happen for you to hold that in there is just…
Actor 2: Just be gentle when you put it in my mouth and I will get it where it needs to go.
Actor 1: Safety first!

I can’t shake my butt and step and walk backwards.

If Alison gets a black eye, we can hide her in the booth. You have to be on stage.

I mean, he feels meaty. He may not be meaty.

Robin needs to sand the holes.

OMG my ears are bleeding.

Director: Tiny vagina hole, wow, then lights. That’s the right order.
Actor: I think that’s just what babies think.

Balls CAN get hurt at Live Girls! Theater.
Not ballet as much as injured puppet….is that psychologically worse?
A butt wiggle a day keeps the therapist away.
I’m the one sticking my finger in the pointy hole.


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