True Love

Ashley Flannegan Russell appears in 29 Births and Changes.

There is a buzzy feeling I’ve been getting at the end of each rehearsal, and NO, I did not fill my water bottle with vodka. It might be coming from that lovely cocktail made up of collaborative energy, working on brand new material and being in the room with fearless artists who are not afraid to fail. I’ve watched actors, directors and writers lean into the work with a commitment that leads to hilarious mishaps, unexpected emotion and revealing character insight. Mind you, it’s not all deep discoveries and artistic fulfillment. I’ve also experienced how funny “just the tip” can be, and I realized that having allergies in rehearsal might just result in an unpredicted gem that’s dynamite for the storytelling. Or maybe it’s just akin to a teenage crush. Live Girls! Theater is the cute, quirky girl in class who has a huge heart but also a sassy sense of humor. I’m the awkward, goofy actor who finally got up the nerve to ask her out. I’ve got a great, buzzy feeling…and I think it might be true love. (My mom gets to meet “her” this weekend, so fingers crossed…)


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