LG Cabaret: Just Dance – BUMBERSHOOT Edition!

Sunday, September 2nd @ 7pm
Center House Theater Stage
More Info: http://bumbershoot.org/lineup/theatre/

So you want some fame and you think you can stay alive while breakin’ some Flashdance with your crew Center Stage? Then throw on your legwarmers and tap shoes and join Live Girls! Theater for the JUST DANCE Edition of the LG! Cabaret. The LG! Cabaret was created to showcase exciting female performers in multiple disciplines and JUST DANCE will feature music, comedy, dance, and unique tributes to your favorite dance movies and TV shows.

Featuring Performances By:
Amanda Williams
LG Ladies Choir
Shawnmarie Stanton
Mimi Katano & Philip Smith
Jenna Veatch & Juliet Waller Pruzan
Erin Stewart
Pilar O’Connell
Sydney Tucker
Erin Bednarz