Quickies Volume 14

June 7th – 15 2013
Fri/Sat @ 8pm | Sat @ 4pm | PWYC Mon June 10th @ 8pm

Theatre Off Jackson | 409 – 7th Avenue South | Seattle, WA 98104
Tickets: Advance $18 General * $15 Student/Senior * 18 and under $5
At the door $20 General * $17 Student/Senior * $7 18 and under

Special “Car Free” Day Benefiting Bike Works June 8th CLICK FOR INFO

Quickies Blog | Playwright Spotlights

Since the beginning of time, human beings have been compelled to travel impossible distances, search for answers to the unknowable and turn their focus into the deep inner workings of their own minds.  Whether they are launching rovers to explore the inhospitable landscape on Mars,  probing the mysteries of the human heart, or seeking the answer to the age old question “How may licks DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?”, their thirst for discovery is insatiable.

For Quickies: Volume 14, we are pushing the limits and digging deeper with a line-up of plays that delve into our them of “Exploration and Discovery.”  This year’s plays venture to a post-apocalyptic world, travel through life with board game characters, and search for lost dreams.  From the heartfelt to the absurd, there is a Quickie for everyone! Come discover seven fresh new plays by female writers. The line-up features:


Leap by Joy McCullough Carranza, directed by Ashley Flannegan
Little Mishmash by Gillian Jorgensen, directed by Meghan Arnette
Honey Moon by Becky Bruhn, directed by Norah Elges
#Sandy by Jennifer Maisel, directed by Erin Bednarz
Planet X by Victoria Stewart, directed by Mimi Katano
i am the girl with the spun gold hair by Jennifer Lane, directed by K. Brian Neel
The Game of Life by Amy Zipperer, directed by Troy Lund

The ensemble cast:
Zach Adair, Julia Beers, Zoey Cane Belyea, Isabela de Campos, Kasey Harrison, Jordan Henderson, Elaine Huber, Mariko Kita, Kelli Morhbacher, Allie Pratt, Amanda Sox, Michael Stock, Sydney Tucker, and Ray Williams.

The Production team:
Robin Macartney, Jocelyne Fowler, Emily Leong, Diana Cardiff, Troy Lund, Brian Stricklan, Alison Underdahl, Jessamyn Bateman-Iino, Meggan Davis, and Pilar O’Connell.

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Produced in association with Theatre Off Jackson