Quickies Volume 15

April 18th – May 10th 2014
Thurs/Fri/Sat @ 8pm | PWYC Mon May 5th @ 8pm

Theatre Off Jackson | 409 – 7th Avenue South | Seattle, WA 98104
Tickets: Advance $15 General * $12 Student/Senior * $5 18 and under
At the door $20 General * $17 Student/Senior * $5 18 and under
Thursdays & Monday 5/5 are PWYC at the door!
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In a world of marvels and miracles, the inexplicable and the unfathomable, humanity’s devised two ways to explain everything: science and magic. Whether through rigorous calculations or potions and spells, the world isn’t such a difficult place to comprehend. Or is it? For the 15th edition of Quickies, in addition to choosing from hundreds of national submissions, Live Girls! Theater commissioned plays from local female playwrights to dive into the themes of science and magic. From a role-playing-game set in an eerily familiar world to a dangerous family heirloom, this year’s Quickies serves up a smorgasbord of entertainment. No matter your taste, be it supremely logical, more than mystical, or that sweet spot in between, there’s a Quickies for you!


Cubicles and Cancer: an RPG by Chloe Mason; directed by Meghan Arnette
Paper and Ink by Maggie Lee; directed by Emma Watt
American Mastodon by Carolyn Kras; directed by Katherine Karaus
Cantaloupe by Seayoung Yim; directed by Jennifer Jasper
Taco Spell by Kelsey Wilk; directed by Sam Burris
Hot by Ann Eisenberg; directed by Raymond Williams
The Light Patterns of Strangers by Megan Lohne; directed by Mike Lindgren

Want to know what makes a playwright tick? Check out Playwright Spotlights from this year’s fantastic playwrights to find out how they got their ideas and get some fantastic advice!

The Ensemble Cast
Matt Aguayo, Sarah Bixler, Alexandra Gobeille, Kasey Harrison, Ashlen Hodge, Madison Mabbott, Nicole Merat, Jordi Montes, May Nguyen, Mary Nelson Brown, Ryan Sanders, Steven Sterne, Cody Smith, Raymond Williams, and Allison Yolo

The Production Team:
Diana Cardiff (Transition Choreography), Natasha Gier (Costumes), Jessamyn Bateman-Iino (Assistant Stage Manager), Emily Leong (Lighting), Troy Lund (Sound), Robin Macartney (Props and Set),  Alison Underdahl, (Stage Manager), and Meggan Davis (Production Manager).

Produced in association with Theatre Off Jackson