LIVE GIRLS! ASSEMBLE! Cabaret and Auction


Sunday December 7th @ 7pm
Doors open at 6pm for drinks, snacks and pre-show fun!

Theatre Off Jackson (upstairs space) Tickets $10 | In advance at

Date night! A Package for a Playwright! Coffee and Chocolate!
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In a world where theater budgets hang by a thread, a band of rag-tag heroes have kept women’s voices alive in Seattle for 15 years. Against all odds they have fought the forces of budgetary evil, but now they need your help!

ZAP! Be shocked and amazed by the super-powers of our performers as they stun you with their awe-inspiring talents. Our line-up includes the pollen powered burlesque of Hunny Bee, Sara Porkalob as the Dragon Lady, the sparkling comic wit of Maddie Downs, the side-splitting song stylings of Dogwood, the enchanting sounds of Shawnmarie Stanton, the return of the LG! Ladies choir AND MORE!

BAM! Join our intrepid crew as we celebrate the year’s amazing feats of woman-powered theater by filling your belly with tasty treats, and visiting the fantastic TOJ bar.

POW! Support our ambitious plans for world domination in 2015 by bidding on the treasures available at our live auction. Plucky auctioneer Shawn Belyea returns to make sure you get your hands on prizes worthy of a super-villain’s heist! Marvelous massages, thrilling events, relaxing B & B stays, sumptuous food and more – all available for your bidding pleasure.

BOOM! The whole evening will be hosted by the infamous band of heroes, Sydney Tucker, Pilar O’Connell, Erin Bednarz, Meggan Davis, Alison Underdahl, Maddie Downes, Brian Stricklan and Meghan Arnette aka, The Live Girls! Company.

Don’t miss out on the exciting adventures when the Live Girls! ASSEMBLE!