Artist Spotlight: Michael Massey

BLOOD/WATER/PAINT [ Mainstage production, Feb. 2015]

Role: Stage Manager


What about the story of Artemisia or the play Blood/Water/Paint are you most intrigued by right now?
After her hands are broken and Judith tells Artemisia that she does not need her hands to paint. We will find a way to obtain our passions despite any limitations. We have set backs and those make the fight that much juicier.

What part of working on Blood/Water/Paint are you most excited about ?
Oh good God. Just listening to this story being told by these artists is a true gift.

Throughout the process so far, what has been the biggest challenge for you?
Lugging that easel to and from rehearsal. I can know bench press 270.

What is your favorite piece by Artemisia Gentileschi? Tell us about it, and why you love it!
Her self portrait. It’s wonderful to see a glimpse of how people see themselves. We tend to internalize that so often.

What  other female artists do you love that you wish everybody knew about?
My mom. She’s a crocheting beast!

Any favorite quotes, or moments from rehearsal that you are willing to share?
This room has the dirtiest mouths. Trust me. The real show is the conversation in the dressing room.

Tell us about any upcoming projects  that you’re excited about!
I’m working on this piece after we open called NAP. There’s a kickstarter if you would like to donate to the cause.

. . . . . . .

Michael Massey is a Stage Manager and Teaching Artist for technical theatre in the Seattle area. Previously, Michael has taught stage management and backstage courses with The Northwest School, Cornish, Seattle Children’s Theatre, and UT Austin. Selected stage management credits: Fast Company (Pork Filled Productions) La Fuente Ovejuna (Cornish), The Clay Duke (Dayna Hanson, dir/chor), The Walworth Farce (New Century), James and the Giant Peach and the Production Stage Manager for Summer Season (Seattle Children’s Theatre). Michael has a BA in Theatre & Dance from The University of Texas at Austin.