Driving Through the Fog by Elena Naskova

On a foggy night, a surprising connection is made when Helen stops at a roadside motel.

Helen: Weary. Unimpressed. 50s to 60s.
Erica: Sarcastic, stoic; wiser than her years. 20s to 30s.

Found and Lost by Jenny Lyn Bader

Nick and Emma find four chairs on the sidewalk that could be the perfect match to their table. Or do they need something that roadside furniture can’t provide?

Nick: A boy caught in that awkward place between college and adulthood. 20s.
Emma: A girl ready to make some positive changes in her life. 20s.
Charlene: Sensual, impulsive; a woman who’s not afraid to get what she wants. 20s to 40s.

Ginny by Anna Fox

As her father disappears into a fantasy world of televised cooking shows, little Ginny finds a mysterious letter written by her mother.

Ginny: An eleven year-old girl. Curious, bright; unafraid of looking at the truth. Teens to 20s.
Father: Ginny’s father. TV addict. 30s to 50s.
Cooking Show Host: A 1950’s housewife on crack. 30s to 50s.

Here, Gus by Jennifer Jasper

After the death of her father, Gretchen meets Gus, her father’s best friend.

Gretchen: A successful businesswoman. 30s to 40s.
Gus: A dog played by a woman. 20s to 30s.
Caroline: a neighbor. Friendly, compassionate. 20s to 50s.
George: Gretchen’s father. 60s to 70s.

Residual by Maggie Lee

When Jess and Anna visit the ruins of a mansion in the middle of the night, they meet another set of troubled lovers.

Celine: 20s to 30s, a ghost from the 1800s.
Nell: 20s to 30s, a ghost from the 1800s.
Jess: An experimental ghost hunter. 20s to 30s.
Anna: Jess’ girlfriend, bright future. 20s to 30s.

Stamina by Donna Kaz

Clara and Simone encounter some turbulence on their climb up to the top of Mount Everest.

Clara: Competitive, but not sure she can make it. 60s to 80s.
Simone: Optimistic, adventurous spirit; problem solver. 60s to 80s.

The Spring of Hope by Jessica Chisum

In the dead of winter, three homeless men survive by scavenging and picking pockets. A mysterious visitor offers them an alternative.

Kalen: Master pickpocket, father figure to Will and Rudy. 50s to 60s.
Will: Excellent pickpocket. Confident, cocky. 20s to 30s.
Rudy: Sensitive soul, not so good at picking pockets. 20s to 30s.
Miss Marcy: A visitor. Nurturing, warm; not from around here. 20s to 60s.