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  • Cupcake 2013 – Fall

    Cupcake 2013 – Fall

    The Cupcake Reading Series is a staple of LG!’s Bakery Play Development program, which helps female playwrights by providing resources like staged readings, talk-backs and new play commissions. With intimate readings followed by talk-backs, the Cupcake Reading Series gives audiences a chance to get to know the work of exciting up and coming playwrights as […]

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  • Playwright Spotlight: Jennifer Lane

    Playwright Spotlight: Jennifer Lane

    i am the girl with the spun gold hair [Quickies Vol. 14, June 2013] ———————————————————— Where did the idea for i am the girl with the spun gold hair come from? I wrote this piece in class with Chuck Mee while I was a grad student, and he gave us a series of amazing writing assignments inspired […]

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  • Playwright Spotlight: Becky Bruhn

    Playwright Spotlight: Becky Bruhn

    Honey Moon [Quickies Vol. 14, June 2013] ———————————————————— Where did the idea for Honey Moon come from? I was writing a piece on a 3+ hour deadline for a 24-hour play festival (14/48: The World’s Quickest Play Festival) and I had an idea that needed two couples. But when they gave me my assignment it was for three […]

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  • Playwright Spotlight: Jennifer Maisel

    Playwright Spotlight: Jennifer Maisel

    #sandy [Quickies Vol. 14, June 2013] ———————————————————— Where did the idea for #sandy come from? Last fall my play, THE LAST SEDER, was opening in New York and Hurricane Sandy struck the first week of our rehearsals.   We were lucky in that we lost only the first few days of rehearsal, but there was a lot […]

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  • Playwright Spotlight: Amy Zipperer

    Playwright Spotlight: Amy Zipperer

    Game of Life [Quickies Vol. 14, June 2013] ———————————————————— Where did the idea for The Game of Life come from? I teach creative writing, and quite often we use artifacts from the classroom as inspiration for short writing activities.  One afternoon we used a board game as an inspiration source, and I became really interested in the […]

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  • Quickies 14: Playwright Spotlights

    Quickies 14: Playwright Spotlights

    QUICKIES VOLUME 14, JUNE 7 – 15 (Get your tickets NOW!) Need more Quickies goodness!? Visit the Quickies 14 blog for more from the cast and crew. ___________________________ What makes a playwright tick? Where do they get their ideas? What are their favorite words? Playwright Spotlights give you a chance to see directly into the minds of the fabulous women […]

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  • Quickies Volume 14

    Quickies Volume 14

    June 7th – 15 2013 Fri/Sat @ 8pm | Sat @ 4pm | PWYC Mon June 10th @ 8pm Theatre Off Jackson | 409 – 7th Avenue South | Seattle, WA 98104 Tickets: Advance $18 General * $15 Student/Senior * 18 and under $5 At the door $20 General * $17 Student/Senior * $7 18 and under Special […]

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  • Protected: Quickies 14 Scripts

    Protected: Quickies 14 Scripts

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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  • Playwright Spotlight: Rachel Atkins

    Playwright Spotlight: Rachel Atkins

    Author, Black Like Us and This is Not September 11, Cupcake Reading Series [March 2013] Where did the idea come from? Both Black Like Us and This is Not September 11 started as 10 minute plays. Black Like Us was written for the Layer Cake workshop at Live Girls this past fall on the theme “exploration and discovery.” This is Not September […]

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  • Playwright Spotlight: Gillian Jorgensen

    Playwright Spotlight: Gillian Jorgensen

    Author, Little Mishmash [Quickies Volume 14, June 2013] Author, No Way Out, Cupcake Reading Series [March 2013] ———————————————————— Where did the idea for your play come from? Little Mishmash began as a sample scene for a possible circus act. I loved the characters so much that I switched it up and focused on what might be kept […]

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