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  • Playwright Spotlight: Krista Knight

    Playwright Spotlight: Krista Knight

    Clementine and the Cyber Ducks [Cupcake Reading Series, Sept. 2013] Frosty, [Quickies 13, June 2012] _________________________________________________ . . . . . . . BIO: Krista Knight’s work includes SALAMANDER LEVIATHAN (Joe’s Pub at the Public Theatre, Ars Nova, Fingerlakes Musical Theatre Festival, New Georges, Inkwell, KCACTF Musical Theatre Award from the Kennedy Center, upcoming: Magic Futurebox and […]

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  • Elizabeth Heffron

    Elizabeth Heffron

    Author of Bang-Bang Choo-Choo Train, [Quickies volume 13, June 2012] Elizabeth Heffron’s full-length plays include New Patagonia (Seattle Repertory Theatre), Her Mother Was Imagination (Annex Theatre), and Mitzi’s Abortion, which received ACT Theatre’s New Play Award and a world premiere production in 2006. Since then, the play has been published by Original Works Publishing, and recently included […]

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  • Adele Somma

    Adele Somma

    Author of 29 Births, [Quickies volume 13, June 2012] Adele Somma is a therapist and writer. She studied poetry and fiction at Emerson College and recently completed a graduate counseling degree at Villanova University. Adele lives in Philadelphia and has spent this past year working with women recovering from eating disorders. Her dream is to use writing and […]

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  • Quickies 13: Playwright Spotlights

    Quickies 13: Playwright Spotlights

    QUICKIES VOLUME 13, JUNE 1 – 23 Need more Quickies goodness!? Visit the Quickies 13 blog for more from the cast and crew. ___________________________ Elizabeth Heffron – Bang-Bang Choo-Choo Train Keri Healey – Todd Schuster, Hero Maggie Lee – The Sunshower Bride Kathryn Funkhouse – The Sequel Krista Knight – Frosty Adele Somma – 29 Births Erin Stewart – Changes

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  • Keri Healey

    Keri Healey

    Author of Todd Schuster, Hero, [Quickies volume 13, June 2012] Keri Healey is a playwright, director, and actor living in Seattle. Her plays include TORSO, CHERRY CHERRY LEMON, THE IKEA CYCLE: TINY DOMESTIC DRAMAS (co-written with Bret Fetzer), PARROT FEVER (OR, LIES I’VE TOLD IN CHAT ROOMS), and DON’T YOU DARE LOVE ME. She is a […]

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  • Playwright Spotlight: Maggie Lee

    Playwright Spotlight: Maggie Lee

    Paper & Ink [Quickies 15, April – May 2014] THE BOOK [Cupcake Reading Series, Sept. 2013] The Sunshower Bride [Quickies 13, June  2012 & Cupcake Reading Series, October 2011] ———————————————————— Where did the idea for Paper & Ink come from? I’ve been writing a lot of comedy lately, and I wanted to try to switch things up with a really creepy […]

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  • Kathryn Funkhouser

    Kathryn Funkhouser

    Author of The Sequel [Quickies volume 13, June 2012] Kathryn Funkhouser is a playwright based in New York, where she is a Workshop Regular at the CRY HAVOC Company. Education: B.A., Drew University, 2011. Upcoming: The Sequel will be performed at the Game Play Festival at the Brick Theater in New York in July. _________________________________________________ Where did […]

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  • Erin Stewart

    Erin Stewart

    Author of Changes, [Quickies volume 13, June 2012] Erin Stewart is so pleased that Changes is being brought back! A former LG company member, Erin has written three Quickies, a bazillion songs for a bazillion cabarets and a full length show Whirligig! The Musical, which was produced in the Girls’ 2006 season. She has also written shorts for […]

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  • Overheard at Quickies

    Overheard at Quickies

    Every rehearsal process has its share of “that’s what she said” moments, but not every cast and crew takes the time to write them down for later! Check back often to see what new wonders we’ve saved for you as we work to make Quickies the most fabulous evening of 7 plays you’ve seen!! ______________________________ […]

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  • Fun Size!

    Fun Size!

    Short plays, short stories, short bus – I think it’s time to retire the “short” moniker and embrace something new. I give you FUN SIZE. That’s right. Just like the childhood days of yore when normal size and king size candy bars were replaced by tiny, bite size nuggets of melt in your mouth chocolate […]

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