Thoughts from a Loud Mouthed Feminist Theater Girl

Our fab Artistic Director (and founder) Meghan Arnette has a few thoughts about supporting new work by women. Thoughts you should read. Like now:

I am the founder and producing artistic director of Live Girls! Theater, a company that produces and develops new work by women in Seattle. Since most of my adult life has centered around building this company, I often find myself in the middle of debates about the state of women in the theater. And what action should or shouldn’t be taken in response.

A Few Assumptions to Begin With
First, I am writing this with the assumption that new plays matter. That could be the source of a good long argument between theater makers but lets say we are on the same page with that idea. Now for another assumption: to have a robust, exciting and relevant body of new work in the theater, we should have a wide variety of world-views shaping those stories.

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