Hannah Ruwe Artist Profile

Meet Hannah Ruwe currently playing Stevie in Things You Can Do July 8-31!


Hannah Ruwe is a graduate of the University of Washington (’14) with a BA in Drama. She is proud ensemble member of the The Seagull Project, a collective of Seattle actors dedicated to the exploration of Anton Chekhov’s canon, as well as Seattle-based ensemble, The Horse In Motion. Recent credits include Scrubby in …And Hilarity Ensues…, Young Nell in Indian Ink with Sound Theatre Co, and Lurlene in The Tall Girls with Washington Ensemble Theatre.



What was your favorite moment so far working on this piece?

So far, my favorite moment working on this play… I don’t know! I think this moment might be yet to come.

What images or songs helped inspire your character work for this play?

I have started watching the documentary Chasing Ice almost religiously. The doc follows a scientist and his team who built special outdoor cameras that recorded the changes in glacial ice over a couple of years time and the changes they found were terrifying. The images of the ice and the glaciers are beautiful and made even more beautiful because they are fleeting.


What future projects are you excited about working on?

I am working with Seattle Public Theatre in the fall to work on Steve Dietz’s thriller On Clover Road.  I am also excited to hit the stage for the first time as an ensemble member of the Seagull Project in the winter of 2017 for The Cherry Orchard.


If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

OH MAN. There are so many good ones… I think I would love the ability to control the elements, earth, wind, water, and fire. Aaand maybe also have the ability to fly.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given as an artist?

Everything is money in the bank. Every audition, every performance, every reading, every play you read at home, every failure, every mistake – it’s all working towards a greater understanding of what you do. Performances might not go the way you want, you might feel off during a scene, but everything is experience, and everything is money in the bank.



Finish this sentence- “I love theater that…”

I love theatre that makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. I love theatre that makes me feel uncomfortable and supported. I love theatre that doesn’t take back seat but actively participates as a living, breathing, changing reflection of our world and in turn, challenges our world.



Outside of theater, what are you really into right now?

I’ve been getting deeper into the world of audiobooks and podcasts. My latest obsession is a new podcast from RadioLab called “More Perfect” – they look into major supreme court cases and more of the back story behind the decisions and their ramifications in the lives of the people involved. It’s fascinating and super nerdy!


Any other thoughts you’d like to share? (About Live Girls! Theater, Love, Life, Puppies, …really – anything at all?)

This play is study in the chaos of change and its consequences on micro and macro level. Change can start small and make a big impact. If we all do our small part to be a steward of our homes, our communities, and our planet, we will leave it better than we found it, but it’s up to each individual to contribute. No one can do everything but everyone can do something.


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