Trina Wright Artist Spotlight

Meet Trina Wright, lighting designer for Things You Can Do July 8-31!


Trina Wright (Lighting Designer) is thrilled to be working again with Live Girls! after designing lights for Quickies 16 last summer.  Usually she designs at Youth Theatre Northwest (YTN) where recent productions include Harriet the SpyLegally Blonde, A Little GrimmAvenue QPeter Pan and Spring Awakening. Elsewhere she has lit Buttcracker from the producers of Buttrock Suites; a remount of 25,000 Posts, and Ten Tiny Dances. Upcoming is Cats with YTN and Buttcracker II. When not at the theater, she can be found singing with the Mägi Ensemble and camping with her husband, two boys, and two dogs.



What was your favorite moment so far working on this piece?

Bringing up an added special with a gobo in it and hearing Maria and Hannah cheer when they saw it.

What has been your favorite design challenge while working on this piece?

Finding the right balance between making the space feel like a glacier and while filling the living room with the kind of warmth that would lure Stevie home.

What images or songs helped inspire your work on this play?





















What future projects are you excited about working on?

Next up I am lighting Cats at Youth Theatre Northwest, which I am excited about because it will be outdoors, have a Japanese anime feel, and the team’s enthusiasm for the production is contagious. Shortly after that, I will be travelling to Riga, Latvia, as a part of the Mägi Ensemble, a chamber choir that focuses on Baltic music. In December, I will be lighting Buttcracker II, which will be stupid-good fun.

If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

Super strength and endurance would be handy for getting work done, but breathing in water would be cool for exploring the ocean untethered.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given as an artist?

“Measure twice, cut once,”–my high school technical director

“Dabble–keep your fingers in all the colors”–my lighting professor

Also an awareness that people see the world differently from each other, so what kind of research do you do or how can you use your tools to get an audience to see the story the way you see it?

Finish this sentence- “I love theater that…”

galvanizes the group.

Outside of theater, what are you really into right now?

Really into hanging out with my boys for the summer and practicing with my choir.

Any other thoughts you’d like to share? (About Live Girls! Theater, Love, Life, Puppies, …really – anything at all?)

There’s always time try something different.


Look at my pretty girl, Teagan, as a puppy


And with her pillow.

She’ll be 10 on July 15, but always my puppydog.