Media kit for The Secret and Impossible League of the Noosphere in the Baltimore Plot

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SILON Press Release 12_4

Full SILON 2017 Team

Cast Announcement FINAL

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All photos by Roberta Christenson of Red Couch Media

Cast featured by photo file name

full cast.jpg Back row left to right- Mark Fox, Troy Lund, Daniel Christensen, Matthew Middleton, Sherif Amin, Imogen Love / Front row left to right- Caitlin Frances Branston, Marena Kleinpeter, Alyssa Kay

The League.png  left to right- Daniel Christensen, Marena Kleinpeter, Matthew Middleton, Alyssa Kay, Sherif Amin

Historical Image Cast Photos

Ada- Alyssa Kay

Babbage- Matthew Middleton

Booth- Mark Fox

Byron- Daniel Christensen

Kate- Marena Kleinpeter

Leah- Caitlin Frances Branston

Lincoln- Imogen Love

Pinkerton- Troy Lund

Tesla- Sherif Amin