Live Girls! Theater presents a reading series of 4 new plays by womxn October 21st – 24th as part of our Bakery Play Development Program. Fresh plays, friendly folx and fabulous cupcakes all for you this fall!

Presented at 18th & Union: An Arts Space  1406 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

October 21st 3pm and 7:30pm

October 23rd & 24th 7:30pm

Full Schedule Below

Tickets are a name your price structure from $5-$15

Discount $5: For those who need it

Full Price  $10: For those who can afford it

Give a Little More $15: For those who can share a bit more


What do you get when you add 4 female playwrights, 3 days, 1 heaping spoonful of local actors and directors, stir gently and bake? Live Girls! Theater’s 2018 Cupcake Fall Reading Series! For 2018 Live Girls! selected 4 new plays from Arlitia Jones, Jessica Chisum, Anuhea Brown, Vinecia Coleman.  With intimate readings followed by talk-backs, The Cupcake Reading Series gives audiences a chance to get to know the work of established and up and coming playwrights as well as an opportunity to be directly involved in the shaping of new plays. And YES, actual cupcakes will be served!


October 21st 3pm 

Come to Me, Leopards by Arlitia Jones / Directed by Keira McDonald

The Leopards are a team of women runners who know the joy and pain of pushing themselves past the point of exertion. When their coach goes missing, the remaining members must deal with the pain of her absence and the unresolved anguish that comes from not knowing what happened to her. As they run the same trails she disappeared on, carrying secrets and loss, the runners must decide will they give up or keep going. The Leopards value speed and endurance, but is that enough when one of them goes missing?          (READ MORE ABOUT ARLITIA HERE)

October 21st 7:30pm 

The Pigs in Trench Coats by Anuhea Brown / Directed by Leah Adcock-Starr

It is the year 1999 and two young girls, Junie and Fran, are spending the holidays together at a small academy on the shores of Lake Snohomish. Due to the conspiracy of Y2K, both girls plan to commit a double suicide, just as the world is about to end. When the year 2000 arrives and there is not a global disaster, Junie finds that her world is indeed coming to an end.

October 23rd 7:30pm 

Fire Country by Jessica Chisum / Directed by K. Brian Neel

During the largest forest fire in the history of Washington state, a tech giant’s plans to build a new HQ come to a screeching halt. A CEO is missing in the wilderness, and the man who saw him last speaks only in riddles. As the fires loom on the horizon, a young biologist tracks a lone wolf searching for answers. Fire Country is a modern retelling of the founding of Rome.

October 24th 7:30pm 

Two Minutes After Dawn by Vinecia Coleman / Directed by Kristina S. Rowell

After taking in her mother Leann a year and a half ago, the problems that her mother’s dementia have caused are finally catching up to Sam. She’s broke, and her thieving brother has shown up, asking for money. Sam is at the end of her rope, and the best part is, the root of all her problems doesn’t remember a single thing. But maybe the dawn can make things right.


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