2006 Season

Notorious Women – The Lady Hero Project

March 2006 | Ballard Underground | By Zoe Fitzgerald with Contributions by Meghan Arnette | Directed by Meghan Arnette

Created as a tribute to women who have rocked our world Notorious Women uses interviews, speeches, and original material to inspire and educate audiences. Back by popular demand for Women’s History month after a short but successful run in 2005, this version of the show will run for 3 weeks at Live Girls! Women represented in the show include Hawaiian Senator Patsy Mink, Blues icon Billie Holiday, Burmese Freedom Fighter Aung San Suu Kyi, Cuban Ballerina Alicia Alonso and British Columbia native and painter Emily Carr.

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Patty Red Pants (Northwest Premiere) image

April/May 2006 | Ballard Underground| By Trista Baldwin|Directed by Joy Fairfield

Live Girls! presents the Northwest Premiere Trista Baldwin’s “Daring, inventive and thrillingly theatrical(Backstage) play Patty Red Pants. A chance encounter between old friends raises unsettling questions about their girlhood, a time when desire bloomed in the shadow of a murder of their peer. Suspended in a web of memories, this gripping coming-of-age, post-Red Riding Hood tale lurches between reality and dream as Patty Red Pants chases the truth of her own past. Named Show Business Weekly’s Best Off- Off Broadway play of 2003 the Northwest Premiere of this critically acclaimed play is not to be missed. Directed by Joy Fairfield this production features Kristina Sutherland, Erin Stewart, and Jason Sharp.

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The Bakery

June 2006 | Ballard Underground

American Girls by Gabrielle

Nomura Genji: The Light Behind the Clouds by Darian Lindle

Hungry by Claire Hosterman We Are Not These Hands by Sheila Callaghan

A Tale of Two Goldfish (Romefin and Juliegill) by Silke Bachhuber (YPP Pick)

Piece of You by Sue Peters

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Quickies Volume 7

June/July 2006 | Ballard Underground

Sweet Nothing by Stephanie Timm

Boob Job by Elisabeth Squires

Rowing to America by Kitty Chen

Monarch by Kelly DuMar

Baby Let Me Follow You Down by Lindsay Porter

Supergirl by Jessica Chisum

Bird, Bird, Bird by Erin Stewart

Pig Patter by Linda Eisenstein

El Corrido de Manny Cruz by Joann Farias

Quickies is Live Girls! trademark event and longest running program. For number 7 we’ve got the itch and we are shaking things up. Not only will you get exciting new works from all over the country, exposure to up and coming local writers and lots of gratuitous entertainment in between, but this year we are rotating in two “Classic Quickies” each evening so you can see your old favorites too. 7 plays a night for our 7th year. How lucky can you be?

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W(h)acked – An Immortality Play image

Oct/Nov 2006 | Ballard Underground| By Stephanie Timm| Directed by Gillian Jorgenson

Live Girls! Theater in Ballard announces the world premiere of Stephanie Timm W(h)acked- An Immorality Play. W(h)acked is a ferociously funny look at the inner workings of the Underground Very Secret Hush Hush Ladies Serial Killer Club and its members, whose main obstacle to overcoming oppression is the cut throat competition among themselves. Haunted portraits, hot janitors, evil plots and naughty secrets combine to make one wickedly hilarious evening.

Five women once formed an alliance Joined together by a bond of defiance Though united in thought They bickered and fought Over how to make murder a science. W(h)acked- An Immorality Play is written by Seattles’ own Stephanie Timm and directed by Gillian Jorgenson, Artistic Director of Annex Theatre. It features a fabulous ensemble of local talent, including Angela DiMarco, Amy Conant, Amanda Williams, Jaime Roberts, Jess Smith, Kris Knutsen, and Paul Bergman. Designers include Basil Harris of Awesome on Sound and Michele Hallman on Costumes.

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Whirligig! The Musical

December 2006 | Ballard Underground| Playwright: Erin Stewart | Directed by Mike Lindgren

imageIn a world…where darkness reigns and life seems bleak… where there’s no where to turn, no one to save you and no way out… it helps to know there is one place that can serve as a haven of hope to those in dire need of a last minute Christmas present… IT’S WHIRLIGIG DEPARTMENT STORE! If you want a happy day, shop the Whirligig way! The holidays are coming to Whirligig! and so is Ship Shape Shopper magazine to decide on who wins the BEST STORE EVER award. Come on down to Whirlgig! The Musical and find out if everyone’s favorite everything store will win the honors it deserves and if the newly hired outsiders will learn “the way” in time. Awesome music, evil plots, hijinks and shenangigans await you, so make time this December to let Whirlgigig! make your holiday bright! Whirligig! The Musical was written by Erin Stewart and commissioned by Live Girls! Mike Lindgren of Exitheatre directs the fantastic ensemble including Celene Ramadan, Kate Jaeger, Jonah Martin, David Rollison, Jason Sharpe, Daniel Christensen, Xanadu Bruggers, Colin Connors, and Jessica Stepka. Ross Whippo will design the lights and Michele Hallman is the costume designer.