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  • Playwright Spotlight: Nayna Agrawal

    Playwright Spotlight: Nayna Agrawal

    Eggs in the Purple Car(ton), [Quickies 16, June 2015] ———————————————————— Where did the idea for Eggs in the Purple Car(ton) come from? It’s my personal story…oops…now everyone knows… What was your favorite moment in working on this piece?? When Professor and renowned playwright Thomas Bradshaw said I was finally taking the risks he’d been wanting me to take […]

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  • Playwright Spotlight: Cynthia Faith Arsenault

    Playwright Spotlight: Cynthia Faith Arsenault

    F2F, [Quickies 16, June 2015] ———————————————————— Where did the idea for F2F come from? I read an article in the Boston Globe a couple of years ago about a new technology — Plastic bracelets implanted with a chip, coordinated by an app.  One can preprogram their interests in their smartphone to facilitate networking with others who have the […]

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  • Playwright Spotlight: Danielle Wolff

    Playwright Spotlight: Danielle Wolff

    The Box, [Quickies 16, June 2015] ———————————————————— Where did the idea for The Box come from? I wanted to explore the idea of curiosity – why is something we can’t know suddenly something we have to know? It can be a great trait – human curiosity has led to life-saving discoveries, but in the most extreme cases it […]

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  • Playwright Spotlight: May Nguyen

    Playwright Spotlight: May Nguyen

    The Right Moment, [Quickies 16, June 2015] ———————————————————— Where did the idea for The Right Moment come from? As a realist and an artist, the struggle around art’s monetary value is always tense and extremely vulnerable. When I look at what it will take to remain true to my art and my values, I also have to look […]

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  • Quickies 16: Playwright Spotlights

    Quickies 16: Playwright Spotlights

    What makes a playwright tick? Where do they get their ideas? What are their favorite words? Playwright Spotlights give you a chance to see directly into the minds of the fabulous women who created this years’ Quickies: THE PLUCKY PLAYS: Jennifer Jasper: Destination Unknown Isabela de Campos: Dinner Party Foul May Nguyen: The Right Moment […]

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  • Quickies volume 16

    Quickies volume 16

    June 6th – 20th Thurs/Fri/Sat @ 8pm | PWYC Mon June 15th @ 8pm | Free preview Friday June 5th @ 7:30pm Annex Theater | 1100 E. Pike St. | Seattle, WA 98122 Tickets in Advance $15 General * $12 Student/Senior/Military * $5 18 and under At the door $20 General * $17 Student/Senior/Military * $5 18 and […]

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  • Protected: Quickies 16 Scripts

    Protected: Quickies 16 Scripts

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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  • Artist Spotlight: Evelyn DeHais

    Artist Spotlight: Evelyn DeHais

    BLOOD/WATER/PAINT [ Mainstage production, Feb. 2015] Role: Judith ———————————————————— What about the story of Artemisia or the play Blood/Water/Paint are you most intrigued by right now? I’m completely entranced by all the characters played by Annette Toutonghi, though I am partial to her portrayal of Abra. I don’t think I’ve ever had a close friend like Abra, but […]

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  • LG! Ladies Night

    LG! Ladies Night

    What is LG! Ladies Night? Live Girls! Theater presents Ladies Night, a performance series that showcases kick-ass female artists in multiple disciplines.  Back at Annex for 2015 the LG!’s take over the stage on three Sunday nights to highlight a different genre of work that we love: comedy, music and burlesque. With a special bonus evening of the […]

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  • Artist Spotlight: Alison Underdahl

    Artist Spotlight: Alison Underdahl

    BLOOD/WATER/PAINT [ Mainstage production, Feb. 2015] Role: Assistant Stage Manager ———————————————————— What about the story of Artemisia or the play Blood/Water/Paint are you most intrigued by right now? I keep seeing modern examples of this theme. The film Big Eyes about another artist, Margaret Keane, whose husband took credit for her work for decades. There was a […]

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